Introduction Of Shengxiong Software Pte. Ltd.

Shengxiong Software Pte. Ltd., incorporated in 2015, is located in Singapore, a major hub of desktop software, android application and apple application and data solving activities. This prime software location allows for a convenient and extensive source of people, hardware and software catering to software and application sectors.
ShengxiongSoftware’ core software disciplines are in PC software for windows, Android Books application and Apple Books application, which have in turn, been a source of provision to Publication industry which include the books,magzines and photoes projects.
Since inception, aside from handphone application, ShengxiongSoftware has also been engaged in engineering software design / enginering data solving / VBA projects in keeping with likewise demand for ShengxiongSoftware's core disciplines. This in turn has kept ShengxiongSoftware up to date with IT technology developments thereby lending itself to the scope of software engineering and applicaton aspects, from windows to Mac.
While doing so, ShengxiongSoftware has remained focused on and developed its mainstay in books application, the requirements of which demand exceptional expertise stemming from ShengxiongSoftware’ vast experience and core capabilities. So far, ShengxiongSoftware has been involved in a lot of books publication ranging from novles to go game textbook.
Our strengths lie in our Personnel and Management, the likes of which are passed on to our Clients.

Demonstration of BooK 《动物王国》

Android Applicaton(安卓应用)