Book Application 《弟子规》

Book Application 《唐诗三百首》

Book Application 《宋词三百首》

Book Application 《论语》

Book Application 《动物王国》

Our Promise

ShengxiongSoftware offers software engineering service in the form ofapplication, desktop and further support in the finacial/engineering dataprocessing and solving.

ShengxiongSoftware’ client list includes presses, engineering companies, book authors, and all kind of companies, which require using software to reduce their working strength and promote working efficiency.

From small handphone application to complex engineering software solution and design, ShengxiongSoftware considers every job or project to be crucial in maintaining quality and support objectives to clients in the project hierarchy and phases within.

In a typical project involving the consolidation and integration of multiple projects from multiple companies, ShengxiongSoftware is keen to provide project support from software development to software Installation and software maintainance. Feasibility by all encompassing qualified oversight leads to effective optimization of available resources, of which, a substantial amount is due to equipment and materials.


Benefits in summary, through ShengxiongSoftware:

i. Client/Project Managers have a complete package of software development, installation and operation specification..

ii. Overall man hours reduced through familiarity in the development process and of relevant resources.

iii. Optimization of major resources, i.e., equipment and materials, thereby translating to overall cost management.

Demonstration of BooK 《三字经》